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Administrative Area

administrative area nwp

Organization chart

Organization chart that shows the structure of Provincial Council Public Service Commission and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs. Click here go to Organization Chart

Exam Calender

You can visit the Examinations Timetable, which shows the dates for the exams provided by the Provincial Council Public Service Commission in This Year.  Click here go to Exam Calender


To promote and support an efficient, disciplined and contented public service which will serve the public with fairness, transparency, consistency, in an equitable manner, free of all negative influences such as corruption, politicization, waste, negligence, lethargy and support positively democratic governance.

The Mission of the Commission is to establish and maintain a competent, efficient, impartial and highly motivated body of public officers, dedicated to serving the people.

Our Vision and Mission


Felicitous North Western Provincial Council Public Service by year 2016


Our mission is to inherit just and exemplary Provincial Council Public Service to the North Western Province by acquiring human resources of full sprit in knowledge and skills and their professional development and perfect disciplinary control.

Our Services

  • Recruitment (other than the officers of All Island Services,School Principals and Primary Level Employees) and Personnel Administration of employees.

  • Effecting Inter-Provincial Transfers, Releases and Absorptions

  • Granting Service Extensions and Retirement of Officers

  • Disciplinary Management

  • Conducting Service Examinations






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Provincial Council Public Service Commission-NWP,
Provincial Office Comlex,


Secretary :

Mrs W.D. Kanthi Wehella
Phone: 037-2223470

Assistant Secretary I:

Mr K.M.P.D. Jayampathi
Phone: 037-2233376

Assistant Secretary II:

Mrs M.A. Piyasena.
Phone: 037-2223472

Assistant Secretary (EXAM):

Mrs U.A.S. Jayaweera.
Phone: 037-2233769

Administrative Officer

Mr S.G.Vimalasena.
Phone: 037-2232610



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